What is a sound bath?

A Sound Bath, as offered by Soundology, is an immersive sonic experience. 

It’s termed a “bath” as the sound waves envelop and wash over you, providing a relaxing and captivating sound journey. 

Various instruments are played such as the himalayan & crystal bowls, gongs and kochi chimes. The harmonics and frequencies effortlessly lull your mind into a profound and deep state of relaxation. No effort is required.

Sound Baths are a great way to switch off,  relax, rejuvenate and de-stress. Most people feel lighter and super relaxed after a Sound Bath and many report the best night’s sleep afterwards. Often, people who have Sound Bathed in the middle of the day notice increased creativity for the rest of the day.

No experience is required, just an open mind to allow yourself to completely relax into an immersive listening experience.

Step into the world of Soundology, where sound isn’t just heard, but deeply felt, promoting deep relaxation, reflection, and transformative experiences.

We offer you group public and private sound baths, sound baths for special occasions, 121 sound baths and everything in between! Click the button below for a list of our offerings.


Benefits of sound baths

Enhanced focus and creativity

Reduced stress

deep rest and relaxation

Improved Sleep

How the Soundology sound experience works

During a Sound Bath, various instruments are played such as the Himalayan & crystal bowls, gongs, monochord and kochi chimes. 

All participants need to do is get comfy- often lying down on a mat – and allow the sounds to wash over them.  No thinking, effort or physical capability is required.

  • Get comfortable and quiet
  • Settle in with a gentle guided relaxation
  • Allow the sounds to wash over you as you enter into a deeply relaxed meditative state
  • Feel the benefits of the sound bath even after the event as you return to daily life with a new perspective.

Sound Baths have been shown to positively impact mood, tension, anxiety, physical pain, and spiritual well-being. 

What is Soundology?

Welcome to Soundology where we harness the power of sound for wellbeing. 

Soundology was founded with the belief that sound is a powerful wellbeing tool. It is home to deep relaxation, reflection and listening. 

Our journey is dedicated to sharing the transformative power of sound with the world.

Discover more about our story, and vision throughout this website.